Ex boyfriend's girlfriend keeps telling me?

That im a dumb bitch, I have no personality whats so ever, loser, boring, pathetic, etc I never speak to those people whats so ever.. but still my name gets into that chicks filthy disgusting, federal ankle bracelet mouth. Why does she continue 5o slander my name and why is my ex letting her


Most Helpful Girl

  • She obviously feels threatened to publicly go around bashing you. Your ex probably just likes the attention and vindication that he feels like he's uprgaded.

    Either way it sounds like both of them are highly immature and disrespectful. Good for them.

    Just keep out of it and don't get dragged through the mud. You'll never win in their eyes because they're self absorbed and delusional.


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What Guys Said 2

  • She hates you simple as that. She's trying to make you see that she's a better girlfriend than you. I say she should go fuck herself!

  • lol first your ex can do nothing about someone talking crap about you so cut that part out of the equation right away, next you need to ignore her, she will get over it eventually


What Girls Said 1

  • She wants to make herself feel like a better girlfriend than you were. She's rubbing it in your face thinking you'll end up getting jealous. You're ex isn't standard up for you because he thinks he's upgrading. They're both horrible people


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