Does anyone have any bad breakup experiences? would you care to share?

or any particular words or a sentence that was just so fucked up that it always haunts you, even months or years later


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  • I've had more than my fair share of break ups, including one where my fiancé left me once I got orders overseas. But the thing that sticks with me the most was when I was back in high school, my girlfriend at the time had just dumped me cause she had been cheating on me, about a week later I got a call from an unknown number, I could hear her having sex with someone, they called me so that I could hear it. About a year later I confronted her about it, it was her with one of the guys she cheated on me with, the guy that she said was like a brother to her

    • Sorry to hear that, I haven't been engaged but I can imagine the hurt. Don't worry though, her loss. I'm sure she knows she's wrong for that. You are a great person and didn't deserve that, however I'd take it as a blessing in disguise. The high school girl is a bitch for that! My ex had sexy pictures of his ex on his phone while we were living together and apparently they were still hooking up while I was at work, I found their texts. I dumped him on the spot and got myself checked too. I felt so disgusted... ugh! Pissed me off at the time but now I am so glad he's not my problem anymore.

    • thanks for sharing

    • Wow, that's incredibly fucked up! I hate people like that, glad you got out of that relationship though. And thanks for the MHO 😊

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  • I do, but I have to go to sleep. I'll catch up with this later and relate my tale. *yawns* Night.

    • what's the mysterious tale?

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    • Yup yup. Right during the noon rush. I almost wish she'd just shot me. Somehow that would have been more kind. :P

      It's taken a long time, but I realized that I was really the one to blame. At least in part. I drove her away. Once I admitted that I was wrong, it wasn't all just her, it got easier to accept. I swore I'd never make the same mistakes again. I wrote down everything I did wrong. I still have it.

      And yeah, I'd like to give it another shot. I've spent 15 years building paper castles as walls, and it's time to burn them down. But I'm an odd cat. Life may not give me another shot. :P

    • Lol it's cool that you can have a sense of humor about it. And in a way she did "kill you" because she pushed you into a shell, and that's not good! I can't imagine you've been doing much living if you're still being haunted. She must have meant a lot to you. I think she was a bitch for that stop accepting blame I know this may be hard for you but she's the one that broke you up.. There's someone special out there for you cause you got your heartbroken. The universe will give you another love if you believe in it. I think you need to stop torturing yourself. You deserve it, it's been 15 frickin' years! Hope you find happiness again. :) thanks for sharing too!

  • Okay so here's mine. I was in the police academy and I was sneaking around with girl who was 18. Her parents hated me her friends hated me. I was 21 at the time. She was very confusing but I knew she was in love. We made plans to move out and get a place together aftwr I graduate the academy. I could only see her like once or twice a month. Things got distant and she got spiteful because she felt I didn't care and was moody. This was because of the academy getting 3 hrs of sleep working my ass off. She ended up breaking up a week before the move. Her mom was never going to talk to her again and cut her college I she chose me. Called back crying asking for me back led to more fights. A week later I failed a test in the academy and got dropped.. Out of spite when she was pissed she said "it might sound shallow but I'm going to live a luxury lifestyle and I'm sorry but a cop just doesn't do it" that shit killed me. That all being said I think she really was crazy about me. I saw her a week ago which makes it 5 months she started crying midway of a casual conversation. How's that for a breakup?

    • Sucks... her family was meddling probably screwing up her thoughts. It seems like she cared I mean she was in tears when she talked to you, she probably regrets it. What she said was messed up I know she felt bad about hurting your feelings but as a female I've done some spiteful things that I didn't mean it was mostly out of hurt and anger.. regardless sometimes that damage is irreversible. So what happened did you end up moving in alone? You never became a cop? And did you two go your separate ways after that?

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    • I know how you feel about shutting down, depression after a bad heartbreak is the most God-awful feeling.. That's great that you picked yourself back up little by little.. You'll get what you want just do you. What would you do if you ran into her?

    • I run into her every so often at school now.. like I said she parks her car right next to mine. I ran into her twice first time she approached was casual told her I miss her. Second time I approa ch ed was kinda awkward and she starting crying midway conversation. Now she's parking next to me so it's only a matter of time. I had a lot of resentment towards her but I sont anymore. I play it cool. Just honest to her how I feel. Not asking for her back or anything.

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  • I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but...

    The day I started to realize I had to divorce my (now ex-) husband was the day that he asked me for a three way; I found out he was trying to cheat on me with my naive little sister (she was 17, he was 33); and he was so mad at me at the end of the day (because I had found out about his latest gift to my sister and had told my parents about it) that he forbade me from sleeping in our bed with him.

    And he still tried to fight the divorce.

    • That is terrible. I am guessing you got your divorce? If so, congrats you did it! He does not deserve you, he sounds like a sick fck and a predator going after your young sis. I'm wondering did you and her manage to salvage the relationship or did things go sour? I too have been lied to and deceived as well so I am happy you got yourself out, wishing you the best!

    • It was actually earlier this year that this all happened. My divorce went through last month. As soon as my sister understood that my ex is a very skilled predator and that I didn't blame her, then our relationship was good again. Interestingly, she is probably the most territorial /protective of me out of my four sisters.

    • Glad that you were able to patch things up with her push him out the picture. Hope you heal and find happiness.

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