Okay, so my mom ex (they've been separated for over 15 years) is now married and has a child on the way. He is driving passed her house pretty often?

When he broke it off with her, to marry the woman he was cheating on her with, he also took my little brother and sister away from her and had his now wife adopt them. He did much damage to the relationship that he had with my mother, including constantly beating on her when they were together.

Now, he has a new child on the way with his wife although i heard thst he wasn't very happy when he found out as his wife wasn't supposed to be able to reproduce... But he is driving by on a regular basis? It makes no sense to me.

Do you think he misses her?


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  • no! in fact, you very well need to talk to your mother about getting a restraining order before this gets out of control!

  • It could be that or feeling guilty about what he done and how unhappy he is.


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