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Man my ex broke up with me in like 2013 I tried my hardest to get her back I did everything what a good boyfriend should do. And I would have had her just tell Me she doesn't love me anymore. We been on and off since we were 16 years old she finally left fr when I was 20 or 21 I don't know but she couldn't even tell me why and still can't but she likes to speak to me on social media. I think I love her more than anything and would take her back but she hurt me too bad where I don't want her. I saw her at a festival with a mutual friend but her eyes just got big and she couldn't or didn't want to speak I just said wassup and kept it moving it looked like she had something to say though. now I have been with other girls after here but It wasn't to serious I can't bring myself to open up to someone again and I feel so lonely to the point my stomach drops to my feet I don't like feeling this way


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  • Did you tell her that you love her? Because this might be the first step towards repairing the broken relationship.

    • She's in a relationship now and is also "engaged" but she know how I feel. If I call I know she'll respond as quick as possible but it's just the fact the breaking up on and off. Is it healthy? Is it worth it? Is that what people actually do and it works out for one another.

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    • I don't know about it being healthy and the worth I'm not sure but I do know that I love her and accept her for everything she is and isn't. My problem has always been thinking about other individuals and that throws me off. But I gotta do what i want to make me happy. I know there's something still there the last I seen her she couldn't speak but she wanted too and I saw that and just let it be it was kind of awkward since we haven't seen one another in a year or so

    • Then you need to get back in touch and ask her how she feels

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  • i understand.

    • In the same situation?

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