My confidence is completley at zero? How do I get out of this?

Girlfriend broke up with me. I started losing my body. I'm just starting college at 22. I have an ugly face.. Im waiting for surgery tk fix my jaw. I can't sleep. I can't do anything right. I literally have no confidence at all seriously think I will be forever alone. I don't know what to do. I'm only getting older. I want to go back to how I felt when I had a girlfriend. I fake confidence all day. Truth be told it's all an act and I feel like people are starting to right through that.


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  • I think it's part of breaking up to feel bad about yourself as well. Don't let it get to you completely though. You'll get over that phase, it takes time but it doesn't mean you're completely hopeless.

    • It's been 5 months. Don't feel any different

    • You'll have to accept that it's over, it's not easy but it's the better option than mulling over what's already gone. There are people who have been through deeper shit and came out alive and strong, you can do it too. Do you have any hobbies? something you're passionate about? like art or music. It's a good divertion and a way of letting out. Maybe it can help.

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