GUYS: Has an ex ever contacted you, afer a month of no contact? What was your response?

Guys: You break up with your girlfriend, that you haven't contacted in a while (say a month or two).

She contacts you.

What was your response/story? How did it make you feel? Did you ever want her back at all or in the slightest way?


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  • My ex contacted me after 4 months of no contact because he had nothing better to do and was on his break and wanted to waste some time. I literally have him the finger, I'm never interested in any of my ex's contacting me again, we left each-other for a reason.

    • Haha I wish I had your will power. However, I don't think my ex ever gave me a reason to hate him. I wish I did hate him, so I wouldn't feel regret, and feel like I'd still want to be with him. I put soooo much into my relationship of 2 years. I love him, and I wish I could hate him, so I'd never want to ever want him back in my life. I think that would make things a lot easier.

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  • ive had it happen and it wasn't positive for her, I didn't break up with her because I wanted to be with her, if your trying to get back with him the ball is in the "dumper's" court to make it happen not the "dumpee"

    • That is def. true, something to think about. I mean I dated a guy for 2 years, he dumped me. I want him back, and I want to call him after a month and a half of no contact. I still love him, and I don't know what to do, but make one last phone call, and see where it ends up. After I think I can just start burning pictures. Idk. I know we were good together. It just seems/feels like this is the wrong ending. And I just wish I could think that sometimes goodbye is a second chance.

  • I had broken up with a girl about 2 years ago, she contacted me actually about a week ago, in a way I was kinda happy cus she was actually one of the coolest ones, we decided talking wasn't the best though after an hour.

    • Can I ask why it wasn't a good idea after the one hour of conversation. I thought you said she was one of the coolest people. Did you just realize once again the reasons you broke up were still there?

    • Well we were talking and she said she kept checking up on me and and I admitted to doing the same from time to time. We can't be friends and at the time a relation isn't possible so we basically decided its best we not bother with talking now. Maybe later down the road we can just be friends.

  • I've got that beat. I had an ex contact me after FOUR YEARS of no contact. Going to be honest, it weirded me out. I didn't feel comfortable trying to be "friends" with her because we broke up on pretty bad terms (she cheated on me).

    • Idk, I'm just trying to make contact after a month and a half.

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  • My ex contacted me after 3 weeks and wanted me to give him a second chance..and I did but it's not going so well right now.

    • Did you guys ever do no contact after the break up?

    • Yes we did

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