Was I too harsh on him or did I do the right thing?

My boyfriend and I share an important similarity. We both have depression. We love each other very much but a couple days ago I got in a fight with my mom (who is the root of my depression and suicidal thoughts). Well he was a jerk and told me to figure out my problems or we would have to take a break. He also told me he didn't trust me but I have never done anything untrustworthy. So I broke up with him (over text, I'll explain that in a sec.) I told him I couldn't date someone who wouldn't be supportive of me when I get depressed. He is on vacation with his family so I texted him that I was dumping him and he never replied. Finally I asked if I was blocked and he told me I should be because I texted him that, but I was only trying to be nice. He wouldn't answer my calls after that. I want to take it back because I love him but I'm also upset and suicidal thoughts are getting worse
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  • When it comes to drama, people can only take so much... I don't mean drama in a derogatory sense, Only to state that suicidal thoughts is a bit dramatic... Sure, most of it has most of us have thought about it at one point in time or another, but there's just no future in it.
    I believe your boyfriend has feelings for you however, relationships can quickly become toxic if two people are feeding negativity back and forth between each other... I believe he said what he said to you out of frustration... and really, you can only expect so much from him especially if you're constantly in an unstable position, how do you think this affects him?
    You may think he's Superman but I can promise you he's not... He's a mere mortal and can only take so much.
    Honestly? I think it would be in your best interest to seek help from a counselor who can help you work through some of your personal issues as depression is one of those things that can spiral out of control without proper guidance to help you make connections and open your mind to see things in a different way, a functional more beneficial way.
    There is nothing wrong with seeking help, and there is no better type of help that you can get outside of a professional who is trained to help people deal with such matters... it doesn't mean you're crazy, depression is totally treatable, but can be difficult to overcome by oneself.


Most Helpful Girl

  • D) Wait for him to Come back.
    I do not know how many times in this relationship that you both have had your problems, but to be Fair, with You Texting him a "So long" and Him, before, with his rude and crude behavior, you Both have to bear in mind that you have 'Depression' which is a mental problem and often things are said and done that Need to be addressed in certain mannerisms and handled with kid gloves.
    Wait and don't do Anything Hasty here, dear. You have Openly admitted "I love him" and i know as wise as I am and in my heart, that he is thinking about You right now and this Does... Bother him deeply in his own heart.
    He acted like a child and it didn't help that you tried to put a monkey wrench into his 'Family vacaation' which made this even worse.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Honestly I think he wanted you to break up with him.


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  • dont take him back.


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