Ex Boyfriend Issues?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up a few months back because he said he didn't love me. A few months later he started chatting with me online and we became good friends who then kinda ended up dating. He's like a bad version of a Katy Perry song, he's hot and cold..He had told me that he would hook me up with a guy and that he wanted me to date other people so I wouldn't get hung up on him..When I started to do that he got upset and said that he took it back and followed it up by taking me on a cruise. We had a wonderful time and it was so romantic and perfect and when he got back he left out of town texted me while he was gone and called saying he missed me..No its starting all over again and he's made a comment that he doesn't get jealous cause he doesn't care. :-( I really love him and I'm just not sure what he wants?


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  • Well, don't get back


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