Should I go on this trip if my ex is going as well?

I was all for this trip to cedar point and we found a cheap hotel to get wasted in and it was going to be fun. Well that was until I got a text I need to drive my ex and we would need spend the night in the same room. I am second guessing my choice to go now and I really don't want to deal with the awkwardness. I can't say I won't drive her cause we're the only ones who live reasonably close to each other so I'm stuck.


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  • Who says because you Have to do Anything with an "EX" except wake up today And... Just breathe?
    Arrange for someone to perhaps Ride along with you and the "EX" if it is all possible. If not, maybe putting her in the car won't be as Awkward as sharing a cozy nest at the Inn.
    You do not 'Need' to do anything that you feel might stir up a hornet's nest on a trip 'Was all for' and is out of your own pocket. Get your own room and tell Everyone: It's Best I do this, I really Need to."
    It's no one's bees wax anyways and if you don't feel totally comfy with the "EX," then put them All in your back pocket and enjoy Yourself... Needless to say.
    Good luck. xx

    • It's just I'm still salty with what she did and it will be a quiet car and I'll talk to everyone in the room accept her. she's cool with it and I'm kinda on edge.

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    • I couldn't afford that lol plus we weren't in the room much so I the bigger issue was when we went out at night and sat on opposite sides of the bar and just kept making awkward eye contact.

    • Ouch, I see what you mean.. If looks could kill. lol:)) xxoo

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