How to get over someone you have no future with?

We both met each other 7 months ago and we are both from different countries, even tho our countries are pretty near to each other about 200 km or less. Anyways, I come to visit him and he comes to visit me, but last few months I started to feel annoyed and furstrated because Im moving out to another side of the world this August and he is moving to another city to finish his college and I know that everything its going to end soon and its really hard to accept it. We had great time, he became really good friend, but not sure if he likes me as much as I like him and he said that I should move on because nothing will ever happen. We are now contacting less and less and I feel that we are falling apart. Im having really rough time now because even in just 7 months we became really close and now I need to forget everything because of life circumstances. Does anyone experience/ed same thing? It would be great to listen for advice and sympathy, thanks.


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  • Just think practically. Imagine u r living a good life... Then take decision. U can be over him.


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