Does he want me back?

Me and my ex used to have occasional sex and I admit it was because I still had feelings for him and wasn't sure on his stance. recently he has rejected my advances saying he doesn't think its a good idea. today he came over with a gift a t shirt of my favourite band I was admiring the week before. I am confused does he still have feelings for me we split up due to financial strain we have a child together and eventually once he gets his life back on track I would like to get back together but I am unsure if his recent rejections I because he wants to move on?


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  • It sounds like to me, for being as wise as I am, that he is growing cold duck feet and is feeling trapped in this 'Friends with benefits/still linked at the hip due to we have a child' and he is doing the dog paddle now.
    You both Not only have shared some history but 'Share' a little one so this kept things cozy, maybe convenient for him to have his cake and Eat it two.
    However, it looks like things might be going in another direction, and with 'He came over with a gift' deal, is his way of saying to You: Please, don't be mad, I really do still care about you but I don't Think... It's a good idea.
    Yes, he may want back his life and to 'Move on' but still want You In his life but this Time... Friends with No benefits.
    Good luck. xx

    • thanks for replying Paris13 as much as it hurts me to say but you are probably right but then I resigned myself to the fact we wouldn't get back together but still be good friends. I went back to his place the other day and he tried to instigate sex, so he rejected my advances the first time, this time I accepted that he didn't want to continue with the friends with benefits thing anymore and then instigated it again I feel like i am on a yoyo and I don't know where I stand. I know I should move on but i am still in love with him and I just feel like he doesn't know what he wants.

    • Oh, so welcome, sweetie, happy to oblige.. It seems he still cares a lot about you, you have achild together and respects you and with touching, it probably causes him to be confused and with this is feelings... I know you love him and hard to move on but life is too short and just get on with your life. No one says you have to find someone tomorrow but this situation is sadly a full circle problem pattern that will be on and off friends with and without the benefits.. xx

  • you should move on.


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