Could my ex be falling for me again?

So me and my ex had been dating for 2 months, and then we decided that we wanted to work on our friendship then see where that takes us. It has been over a month now and we hang out 3-4 times a week. Then recently I was stuck over at his place and had to stay the night, sense then he has been flirting with me a lot. And taking me to lunch and every thing. Could this mean that he s falling for me or I'm I just giving my hopes up?


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  • if hemade a mistake before and he's hanging out with you that much he's either making a true honet to god answer or he wants to still be freinds and not hurt you complely

    either way he's giving you lunch try to not discourage him and se how far he actually goes.

  • Did you have sex with him on the sleepover?

    That would explain the flirting 'fer shure'.

    If not, he feels more comfortable with you. This is a Good Thing(tm).



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