Would you break up with you gf/bf is they snooped on your fb and found old msgs and took things the wrong way?

my girlfriend is upset because she was always curious that i've been trying to hook up with another girl in the past 3-4 months ago. she brought up again, then decided to logg into my fb account. i had nothing to hide i didn't care. she found old archive messages in my inbox from other people and people i talked to before we even dated. she's lost a lot of my trust. and left me for 4 day days to go tothe beach with other guys and one girl... things aren't getting that much better. its up and down. would you put a end to it?


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  • Facebook Has caused much strife in a lot of Couple's life, this I can Personally vouch for.
    Long story so getting on to your sad saga, if she has seen things and has it in her head with 'Old archive messages in my inbox...'She may still be believing that you Still have something More in Store to hide and will Not... Let you live it down.
    It sounds like with Things aren't getting that much better,' that they will Never be a Bed of Roses but Instead... A war of the Roses that will only keep going down a beaten path and end up with You One day Going... To the beach with other girls and one guy.
    It's your choice, your call but it's not going to be fun in the sand here, dear, just a summer and then some of her always thinking you are fishing for some other catch of the day.
    Good luck. xx


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  • not it they can understand when you tell them thats they're old and not what they think...
    you have to trust each other.

    • she's knows a lot of them were old ones, she thinks i asked a girl out while we were going through a rough patch before... i didn't. she doesn't believe anything i've said to her... she doesn't understand and she's hard headed. i love to death.. it hurts though

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    • well, i do know she will always think about it... i'm not sure if she will bring it up in future arguments. she says she will have to get over it since she doesn't believe me. but for the mean while she says we are going to have to start over and slow it down... slow down on sex and the "i love you's" i understand the sex part... is it really necessary to not say i love you (she said that we will work back up to it)... it just bugs me because i really love her. would you tell you boyfriend the same thing?

    • no, i wouldn't...
      buti wouldn't be in that situation because i reallydo trust my SO... i know he would never lie tome or do things behind my back like that.

  • yeah i would.


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