Guys, he cheated on me and I want my gifts back?

I was in a relationship for 4 years, I just found out he cheated on me.
I had no idea and this is all very painful and gross to me.
I gave him back his gifts a month ago when we broke up, I just found out that he cheated on me,
I found out he cheated on me the whole time we were together.
I spent lots of money on shoes, clothes, and customized relationship stuff.
I want it back.
I know they are gifts and shit, but I gave that to someone who I thought respected me and loved me.
Why should this fuckin cheater wear the new shit I got him with his whores?
Fuck that.
Its not even about seeing him,
I just want my stuff back so I can throw it in the trash because I know he won't.
Should I just hit him up and tell him to leave it in front of my house in a box,
because again, he doesn't deserve to keep any of that.
He already has my virgnity, and thats enough.


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  • I know you are hurting because of his behavior and poor judgement, but gifts are gifts. If he doesn't want to give them back to you, that's something you're just going to have to deal with. You shouldn't ask for the items back. It makes you look weak and insecure. You returned his gifts to him. Leave it at that. It makes a much stronger statement about you. Here's your stuff, and no, I don't want anything from you.

    Demanding (begging) for the items back will only provide him with excuses to justify his decisions. If he returns them on his own, you will know that he has at least some remorse and guilt. If he doesn't, well, than you know you really misread him and he's a tool.


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  • Well... you can ask. He may or may not gove them back. The only gifts that I feel you have a right to are an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The law even stipulates that those are not gifts but representations of a legal contract which once dissolved need to be returned.

  • You actually need to check your local laws before making a decision... Some laws entitle you to gifts back Except for certain circumstances as "herefortheday" mentioned, while some Other laws say anything given as a gift does not have to be returned. If your locals laws say give everything back - I would go to the police/sheriff/local law enforcement and file a complaint; and get it back. If you are really just pissed and don't care - call your ex and tell him you filed a complaint and law enforcement is coming to get it... and offer to let him build a bonfire of it in his front yard while you watch - in return for you calling off the cops.

  • Sorry to hear that.
    You could text him to do that, but they were gifts, I don't know if he will give them up easily, but you could still try.

  • The thing about gifts is once you give them they aren't yours anymore. Just get over it and move on.

  • forget em. stuff's already tainted

  • What are your gifts?


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