I want to start dating again it's been 5 months since a bad breakup?

We were in a serious relationship dated for almost 3 years had big plans. She broke up for reasons I can understand truley bur it was devastating. I lost my career at the same time. I went through a mental breakdown. I think I'm bouncing back and I'm just incredibly lonely. Im not into the party scene I just want a good girl that is ambitious and wants to have a lot of good sex. I'm just starting community college and moving out of my parents going to have some roomates. I'm starting late just turned 22. Is community college a decent place to date? How should myself out there again.. I really don't even know how to date at this point.


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  • try asking a friend to set you up.

    • Lol my friends would laugh their ass off at me if I asked them to 'set me up' with someone. Guys my age don't do that. U think community college could be a good place to date?

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