What does it mean when your ex says you can talk to them anytime?

I've recently contacted my ex and I spilled out my feelings for her. I told her that I miss her and stuff. When I told her that I had a bad year she then said I could've "called her up anytime." What does this mean? Is this a signal that I should try calling her and hangout with her again? HELP!


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  • Bad move man. Never ever ever do that. You're trapped now. Basically you just locked yourself in the lobster trap. Ex's love that. Basically now, she's going to parade around in front of you making you jealous since she knows you still have crazy love for her. The more needy and sad you look, the more she's gonna run with it. I'd keep it to yourself, and let her pick up the slack. If she knows you're hurt and she really cares.. she'll step it up to help you.


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  • It means she is angry for you not calling sooner. She wanted you back a long time ago. She is just p*ssed you've finally just now tried calling her.

    Did you break up with her in the past? or was it the other way around?

    • I broke up with her :/ That doesn't mean I was over her though.

    • Oh, why did you guys break up? Did she try to contact you at all?

    • Im not really sure why it was awhile back. The main reason was though she felt like I wasn't commiting to her like she was to me. Ever since then though she has contacted me. We had a 2 month long conversation on MySpace over the summer. So yeah she still talks to me.

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  • It means that you can call her to talk to her anytime. You guys are not together. I'm not sure how you figured this was a "signal".


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