Is it okay to keep in contact with someone you used to talk to?

This guy I was talking to for couple months I just ended it 3 days ago because I found out he was still with his girlfriend. He kept denying it but I already had proof. He tried talking to me about it in person and I said we can be just friends and he said what's point of that. We didn't text at all till I texted him today saying hope everything is well and hope we can stay friend. He replied with "I miss u" even tho it hurt me he still with his girl when he told me that they broke up. I just asked if we can remain just as friends I can never see him as more than friends anymore and he knows that and he just said "Kay". I said hope he has a good night and he never replied back. Is that a good idea to do and you think he will stay just as friends with me?


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  • Nope. He's going to chase you. You're probably better off with different friends than him, even if it hurts a little now.


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  • Bear in mind that with Will stay just as friends' Doesn't mean... The end. This means that with staying in touch, the heart doesn't know the difference in your mind that may now be made up to Say... I can never see him as more than friends anymore.
    You both may stay in touch through text once in awhile and he may even want to meet up to hang out. It's your choice, your call but for now, don't wear your heart on your sleeve for even a minute wheni t may not be 'Broke up' altogether with his "EX," who may still have a softie spot for her and they could end Up... Talking again or making some sort of agreement much like the one he and you have agreed on.
    Silence is golden for now and doesn't necessarily mean "So long."
    Good luck. xx


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  • He has already broke up, why u still dunt want to be with him?

    • He still with his girl that's why, idky but he's been keeping it on the low about that from me.

    • oh sorry for my mistake.. yeah that hurts.. hope everything will work out for you

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