Moving on? from experience?

Is it possible to be in a new full relationship with someone 5 weeks after a 3 and a half year very serious relationship with someone?


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  • I think both @Path1993 and @Pais13 make good points and both are worth considering. I think you also should consider what it is about this new guy that makes you so sure that he is what you want and deserve. Not understanding that will always result in a crap shoot in the outcome of any relationship no matter how much time has passed :)


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  • I feel That is way too soon, @G1992, and something Sweet Could end up Going... Very sour and go south.
    With being in a very long Real Relationship, you are still pining over the Other half. You may Think you have found someone to take his place but may also find yourself Constantly Comparing him to the skeleton that is in your closet.
    On another note, if the Other comes back and wants to work it out, you will find yourself in a "Triangle Threesome," where you are at the top, looking down, from side to side, at the both of them and trying to decide What to do next in this Full Circle pattern that it just may end up to be.
    There is a lot to think about in rushing into another relationship so quickly. If you are in one now, all I can say is go sow with the flow and nurture and nurse it to See if It might just... Grow and then Bloom.
    You have to remember here, dear, you are starting from scratch now and all over. Like the first time, learn from any mistakes o you don't carry them over to this relationship and vice Verse... You certainly don't want anything from the past haunting you.
    Good luck. xx

    • Could you message me Paris13 something I want to discuss but won't let me message you

    • Oh, okay, sweetie, I will.. Sorry, I will go now. xx

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  • You can't really set a time limit for how long its going to take. It depends, if your ready to move on, then good for you!


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  • I dated a guy for a year and a half and started seeing my new boyfriend about a month after we broke up. It was a messy breakup so I was hurt for a while, my boyfriend was my friend at the time, and we hung out and things progressed quickly and we ended up dating two months after I broke up with my ex.

    It's not really bad, but be careful. My situation was different because my ex was bad for me, I was pissed and moving on from a traumatic situation, and my boyfriend helped me move on through that.

    You might end up comparing him to your ex though, or you may find out that he was just a rebound. If your feelings are strong and you know you're doing it for you, not to get back at him or forget your ex, then go for it.

    Problem is, its been 6 months with my current boyfriend and I have waves of thinking about my ex, missing him, wondering if he's okay, and I compare the way that my relationship with my ex was far more passionate. It's hard.

    I was in an abusive relationship though, so that may have skewed my senses/respect, which causes me to miss him somehow. Good luck.


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