Why are 3 of my ex's friends contacting me?

My boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue 2-3 weeks ago. He blindsided me because I thought everything was perfect! He even told me so. I haven't talked to him since. Within the past 3 days 3 of his friends have texted me. 2 of them I haven't even met in person. They asked how I'm doing and told me not to tell my ex that they contacted me. One told me that the reason he broke up was that things were getting too sexual? Wtf? We barely did anything sexual? He also said someone told him to break up with me. I'm so confused. What do you think is going on? Why are they all texting me at once?
We had a long distance relationship too so his friends live 3 hrs away. His friend said that my ex didn't want to break up with me but someone told him to (maybe his parents?). I just don't get it. He was always telling me I was perfect and how much he loved me. We never even went 2 hours without talking for 8 months and now... nothing :,(


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  • Because they're horrible friends and trying to get into your pants since they heard their friend broke up with you due to things getting "too sexual".

    • But we live 3 hours away and I've never even seen them

    • That's exactly why, if you think they're weird or don't like them there's no real repercussion for them to feel at their school.

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