My boyfriend broke up with me and I dojt care is that wrong?

He ended it with me because I was working and could not always see him I was with him for 7 months this happened 3 days ago now he wants me bk I dont want to get bk with him does this make me a bad person


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  • No its his loss let him go don't look back


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  • ... He ended it with me because I was working...
    Now that he is Missing the Kissing and whatever time you shared, he is crying the baby blues In... Now he wants me bk.
    No, Not a 'Bad person,' but Instead, a Wise girl, who knows it will only end up to be another full circle problem pattern of Here today And... Gone like the wind tomorrow with another of his sorrow.
    Don't cave in here, dear. He will never change. He will Expect you to 'Change' your life, your schedule just to suit his fancy and if you do It... You will always have to bow down to the King.
    Good luck. x


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  • Well , If you don't care for him that's a bad sign in any relationship.
    He cares far more for you than you do for him.
    I think he's saving himself more hurt.
    Continue to reject his offers of getting back with you , and instead focus on yourself.
    You are not in the time or place in life where you need to juggle a boyfriend in to your busy life.

  • No it doesn't make u a bad person.
    You have your choices
    See being in a relationship is ur choice
    If u can workout things u should
    Jus bcz of a temporary thing u should not break a relationship
    Bcz in today's time getting people who genuinely want to be with you are rare
    U r working so I assume u might be 20 up and just be rational that u dint manage ur time well which y u dint see him much

    • I tried to see him but it was never enough he broke up with me and now wants me bk I think its better to just focus on work and sorting my self out then I will try to be in a relationship

  • No, it doesn't make you a bad person.
    If he broke up and you didn't even care about it ( as in be horribly heart broken etc.) that's just an obvious sign you've lost interest in him.

  • If you don't care it most likely means you weren't happy. He broke up with you for a reason, don't get back with him. It definitely does not mean you are a bad person!

  • Nope. It makes you level headed


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