How do you move on from a guy?

i like this guy a lot we went out a couple of times but broke and we remained really close friends he was always the first person I talked to when I woke up and the last person when I went to sleep he was my whole he knew everything about me he was my best friend but now he hates me and won't talk to me I jst want to move on but I dnt know how to


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  • Moving is very hard thing to do, regardless who has done the hurting, and the one who has being hurt.

    There is no easy way of moving on, its a process of which you go through, by putting foot in front of the other. Time doesn't heal nothing, when a relationship ends suddenly, its what you do with your time that counts. Grieving is not a destination, it is process you must go through.

    The best way to move one, is to remove yourself from contact with him, facebook etc, don't go walking past his house , anything that might trigger you being upset about it. Don't go to places he goes to.

    The best thing to do, is to start focusing on yourself, your education, hobbies, and other friends.

    • Getting Through the Day
      Put things in perspective. Does it hurt? Yes. Will you miss certain things about your relationship? Sure. Is it the end of the world? Absolutely not! You'll get through this heartache. Just take it day by day.

      Stay in the game! If you decide to be miserable all the time, you're bound to miss out on good opportunities. Don't let a breakup cheat you out of living a full life.

    • Thanks for MHO, remember in time, it is absolutely vital to put the pain behind you and move forward with your life and love. Otherwise, you are giving away your power to the people who hurt you.
      Moving on is a hard thing to do. But everything you do now, and with your time, will slowly help the healing process.
      A video that might help you. Good luck I hope you take something out of this video.

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  • Dont worry... that is life,,,, the same thing is happening to me now


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  • hang out with your friends a lot.

  • Netflix. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Bunch of girlfriends. Teddy Bears. Tissue Box. Basically cry it out dude. I had to get over a bunch a shit like that too. I noticed if he hates me obviously there's somebody else in stock for me. Or you're going to a different level in life where he can't reach so he's pissed. So you'll find somebody even better than who he was to you. And that's a promise. Next guy you date, I suggest making goals. Anyways, yeah basically just follow that. I recommend watching this video. You may not be in 8th grade, as I'm not either, but it changes your perspective on dating guys and which guys to date.
    ~All the best darling~


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