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I haven't been dating my ex for about a year now and yet she's the person i think about 78% of the day. how do i get over this its killing me.


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  • You Won't 100% here dear, Until you find someone who comes Remotely close to her to replace her.
    You may not be ready because your heart is still in San Francisco and you still have feelings for her.
    I was deeply in love with my First love and when we broke it off, it took me seven long years to finally find closure. Anybody who I would meet, I would constantly be comparing them to Dan and I never got Anywhere.
    It wasn't until I was 21 and we just so happen to meet up one night that We made love for the last time. He was getting married and with him starting a new life, I realized I could now Too... I found out I could let go because it wasn't the same anymore and neither was I.
    For now, you may have to live with her in your heart until someone hopefully comes along. But one thing I know, you will Never forget the memories, even when you are old and gray someday And... No matter where you are.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Play some video games or do something that will make you feel like a badass. You don't need women for pleasure.


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  • I guess, that she broke up
    with you?

    • nope, other way around

  • I'm happily married to the man I love with my whole heart and yet I sometimes think about a specific guy I dated before meeting my husband. It was hard getting over the break up with my ex and I don't know that I ever really did - maybe I just came to accept it in time. If given the opportunity I know I would not be interested in getting back together with him any more yet I still daydream, fantasize and replay certain times in my head. Maybe that sounds messed up but that's the way it is for me *shrugs*


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