Lied to and confused? Don't know what do do next?

My boyfriend and I of 4 years recently broke up. I was his first and I had never been with anyone else. It was special for him and I, but when we broke up I hooked up with another guy. Not right away, but a few months after. He was crushed. He found out and I was going to tell him when he came back in person but unfortunately he found out before I could. It honestly was not emotional for me it was a quick thing that happened and me and the other guy have not talked since. Me and my ex distanced ourselves after that because he was hurt. He came back in the ending of June and he rebounded with another girl. I wasn't mad he moved on, But after we broke up we both deleted all of our social media pictures and just kept it like that. While dating this girl he posted pictures on Facebook and his Instagram which hurt me because my family and friends followed him and were his friends on those sites. I was crushed because of how he did that. Then he hit me up to talk. I declined still and he still posted more photos. After that the week after he contacted me again to talk. I agreed this time. I had told him that it was disrespectful to post those pictures and he agreed and apologized. I then Asked if he had talked to her recently and he said no.. Later on in the night I saw his phone and he had texted her earlier that day asking if they could speak in person. He lied to me and I was furious. I left and did not speak to him. The next day I had found out he had went out with her and she had played him and got back with her boyfriend while they were dating. (Aka she used him) I don't understand why he lied to me if he knew she had lied to him and had a boyfriend. And he was annoyed because I kept bugging him to delete those photos after we decided to work it out. Why wouldn't he delete those if she played her? Why keep those pics up? Why did he lie to me if he knew she played him and wasn't worth it? please help, I don't know what to do I'm torn :-/


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  • This relationship is wrecked. Just move on. The two of you don't trust each other. This isn't going to work itself out any time soon.

  • poor guy... the huge mistake on his side is that he is still in love with u... who is getting himself burned inside


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