He Broke Up With Me A Year Ago, Why Am I Still Hearing Complaints?

I was on and off with a guy for nearly three years when he broke off. It was a turbulent relationship to say the least. After the break up, he obviously wouldn't talk to me, so I accepted it for what it was, moved on and worked on myself. Months later I started a new job where I met someone else and deleted the messages from my phone from him that I had saved, stopped letting him linger in my mind and such.

We have a lot of mutual friends whom he sees much more than I do these days and still, even a year after, I hear that he's been trash talking me. He broke up with me, he got what he wanted, so what's his problem? He doesn't know about the guy I met, so this shouldn't be a reason. I just don't understand why he's taking cheap shots if he wanted to end the relationship and claimed he didn't want me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Dont look for the reason for HIS bad behavior in YOUR actions. This mental frame always allows people to get away with abusive and unacceptable behavior. He is behaving like this because of something wrong in him. He seems to have a character disorder. People who believe or accept his trash talk without shutting him up or clarifying with you are not your friends.


What Girls Said 1

  • Some people just don't handle their emotions in a healthy way. He sounds resentful for whatever reason. You can't do anything about it but keep handling it like an adult and try not to feed into it. It's his problem, not yours.


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