Will we ever get back together?

I have been with my boyfriend for about 2 months now. We've been talking on the phone everyday and seeing each other often. So today, he came over and he told me he was moving back to Georgia because he only came here for the summer and after summer he will be leaving but he still wants to be with me. He says he'll be back every 2 weeks. I got upset (no yelling was involved) because why not tell me this in the first place instead of letting me have feelings for you, and dropping the bomb now. He should let me make the decision, if I wanted a long distance relationship. I told him "Why didn't you tell me before? When we first met, cause while I'm here crying, you'll be back in georgia" and he said "Are you mad?" and I said "yes". He said "Well, stay mad, you won't have to worry about me calling you after I leave". I wasn't sure he was serious or not, and I said "Well when you broke up with me, I forgive you and took you back. You can forgive me for being mad. Why are you even here?". We broke up a week before because he's uncle died and he wanted to be friends. But, I quickly said I didn't want to be friends because it would hurt me more and that I wanted to be by his side through everything. He didn't contact me for 2 days and then he called and we got back together again. Back to the story, I didn't say that to intentionally hurt him, I said it to prove a point, and he took it the wrong way thinking that I actually wanted him leave which I didn't. He proceeded to put on his shoes and leave. But, I keep holding him back and telling him to just sit down and talk. He eventually left and I followed him. I held him and kept explaining, how much I appreciate him, and thats why I send him long paragraphs about how I feel, and that I'm sorry. He finally was about to leave, I held his arm, and I begged and screamed for him not to leave me. Throughout this whole argument, he kept saying how much that hurt him when I said that and that what I said came from my heart.
After I left, he called me and told me to delete his number and I kept screaming "please don't leave me" until he hanged up I talked to my best friend on the phone and she then called him and told him "That my best friend is very upset, I hate seeing her like this, please just work it out with her". He listened and didn't say anything I know he's pissed right now so I'm not going to call him I think I should give him space right now Do you think there's any chance of us getting back together?


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  • "Well, stay mad, you won't have to worry about me calling you after I leave"<--- well here obviously he wasn't serious, but i believe he was angry or just disappointed when u said u were mad.
    now bout gettin back... i believe he'll do. he was temporary angry. it happens when people take things in da wrong way


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  • It might have been possible, but that was a pretty intense emotional overload, especially after only two months, and that could have probably been way too much for him to handle. That is an unhealthy level of obsession, and is unsustainable, and it could really be a 'last straw' that pushes a guy away, because most guys don't want to deal with that much drama.

    It sounds like you were a summer fling, and that outburst may make you seem too high maintenance to stay in touch with in any sort of long distance situation.

    It hurts a lot when those new relationship chemicals are running that strongly in your brain, it will feel like drug withdrawal because that is essentially what is happening, but I think it is probably going to have to be something you deal with because you may have come on way too strong for a young guy to ever want to deal with. Screaming at a boy, and then having your friend phone him when he decides he doesn't want to talk to you, is going to be interpreted as excessive, for sure.

    • I will respect your opinion. But obsessive wasn't the word. All couples fight, he was hurt, and I was hurt. Girls scream, is that hard to imagine? Excessive is me calling him on the hour which I didn't do and don't plan on doing. Excessive is when I show up at his door or job. This was our first argument, and I admit neither of us knew how to handle it the correct way. But don't blame everything on me like I'm too blame. Not once did he mention me following him. He just said I hurt him badly.

    • Not all couples fight like that. Some girls scream, that doesn't mean all girls scream AT a person. My partner has never screamed at me in 10 years. So don't assume just because YOU scream that all girls do. I have only had ONE long term partner scream at me out of decades of dating. It is not a trait guys want in a girl.

      Screaming "Please don't leave" IS excessive. That is not a calm, rational discussion. That's not even a heated discussion. That sounds like flat-out panic. I am simply saying that most guys, when faced with a woman reacting like that, move further away. That does not make them want the girl more, it makes them want the girl less. So I am saying that the reaction would have hurt the chances of later reconciliation.

  • It sounds like two drama queens battling for the leading role. It doesn't sound like t would work even if you did get back together.


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