Ran into ex third time now.. really awkward?

Her parents drove us apart. She ended it.. called back next day wanted me. It led to more fights finaplt ended it. Ran into her first time was cool and casual. Second time was awkward and she cried mid conversation. This third time was really awkward.. was saying bye and I even told I'm like I don't know what do with you lol I don't give hugs. She said just walk away. Was that pretty passive and unattractive?
She keeps parking her car next to mine in a big big school parking lot.


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  • Why does it matter?

    • Because we did talk about getting together in the future when she leaves her parents house

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    • Well I'm not going to ask for her back because I know the answer to that but I'm going to ask how she feels about us getting back together in the future

    • Ask for whatever it is that you want now and be decisive about it. Please let me know how this turns out for you.

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