How do I get her ring finger size?

OK, so I wanna ask her the big question, but I don't want to get hinted at what is going on. Asking her family isn't an option because she's Japanese, her family is in Japan, and they don't speak English. Her friends here are all Japanese so even if they said they could keep a secret they could turn around and tell her what's going on in Japanese and I wouldn't have a clue.

The best idea I've heard is to get a ring she has and take it to a jeweler to approximate her ring finger size. The problem is I've never seen her wear a ring. I haven't gone snooping through her stuff though so maybe she has some.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for the answers. I actually got passed down a family ring, and as luck would have it, it was the perfect size. I guess keep the answers coming for people who have similar question.


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  • when I got one for my ex I did this: while I was holding her hand and playing with her fingers I looked which of my fingers looked approximately the same size ash her ring finger and. I went to a jewelry and tried the ring that will enter on my smallest finger but only the first half of it

    It was the perfect size :)

    • That is actually one of the better ways to do it. Try on a ring she already has (one you know that fits her). If you tell any one who sizes ring the size of one of her fingers they can guess pretty accurately what size her ring finger will be (there are standard proportions). So it doesn't have to fit her ring finger, just make note of how it fits on you and what finger it fits on her and what size the ring is and you are good to go (you could make a comment about her small hands to hide motive)

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  • Well you could compare the size of one of your fingers to hers. I mean my boyfriend has a finger that's exactly the size of my ring finger.

  • maybe find a girl friend of yours who is the same body-type and who seems to have similar hands and ask her what her ring-finger size is?


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  • Japanese girlfriends huh? Cool. Mind if ask how you and her met?

    • Actually I met her on a trip to Japan, then she ended up finding work here in the states.

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