Do I make the right decisions?

Last night I send my ex be this message to him "ummmm... I think we should be better off not being friends maybe for now or forever I am sorry" so I send that message to him over Facebook, but then few mins later he read it and don't reply I thought he would ask me why or something. Anyways this morning I told my friend to message him and he did reply my friend back so few hours ago I told my friend to send this message to him " I wanted to says thanks you for all those years and I know we can't be friends anymore. I know that if I send u this message, u probably wouldn't reply me so I decided to let my friend sending this message to u" that's what I says so my friend send it few mins later he read it and don't reply. So I was wondering why like why can't he just says okay or something instead of don't reply me. I was also thinking that he maybe still does wanted to be friends or something else please please anyone please answer me and do u think I make a good decision for him or a really. Bad one? Please help me


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  • omg man... why can't you leave the kid alone? Honestly, it sounds like you want him to care because it will make you feel better, but you need to accept that he just can't be bothered. He probably thinks its bs that you don't want to be his friend anymore, so instead of chewing ya out in a back and forth flame war, he'd rather be quiet. Just leave the guy be man. He doesn't care...


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  • Writing from another person's profile won't make him answer you if he doesn't want to, so there was no point in it. I don't think he wants to be friends, he doesn't seem interested at all, I'm sorry if you expected some kind of reaction from him.


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