I take break ups so so hard and I can't stop thinking.


From previous relationships ending and being (I think) in the dying part of a current one. I've been thinking about how I handle break ups compared to others.

Essentially, the start of a relationship is brilliant and it makes you feel fantastic. smiling like an idiot and happy and all that. we all know this. But when it comes to an end I feel SOOOO hurt and it guts me. I thought it would be something time or experience would fix. but I'm 29 and had 5 relationships and each time I get really down.

Stuff like, they really liked me, then they got to know the REAL inner me and now they don't like me... wow!?! :-( goes through my head a lot. Its the feeling of rejection I think that I seem unable to handle anywhere near as well as other people seem to. People say move on or stop thinking about her. but how do you actually do that? I feel there was a life lesson that everyone went to but I missed...

Right now I've been with someone for only like a month. But last Thursday was a brilliant night. She said things like "i crave you" "how were you single" and " are you an actor, because you know all the right things to say and do" (I know, the last one is a bit odd... but anyway).

i saw her Saturday and she was a bit distant and I've not heard from her since...

so I'm a living god on Thursday and ignorable on Mon/Tues/wed/Thurs... I can't make sense of it. I'm trying to find a logical answer for something that makes no sense. Plus, in the big picture, this isn't about her and this one time. its about me and how I react. most guys would be hurt for a day and move on... I simply don't know how to. it takes me ages, months... I don't want to spend months hurting again... anyone got a magic cure out there?!
I take break ups so so hard and I can't stop thinking.
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