Still feelings for ex boyfriend, what to do?

I still have feelings for my ex boyfriend. We have been together for 3-4 months when he broke up with me a year ago. I assume he lost interest cause I never got the explanation of the break-up. Should I take a chance and contact him or should I move on?
How would you (guys) react if you received a message from you ex - or have you experienced it?
And girls have you ever written to your ex? If so, how was the reaction?


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  • I've been through this before I dated this girl for a year then we had a big fight and broke up I tried to contact her about couple months later but she never responded my best advice is to move on. I still have feelings for my ex even after 3 years those feelings will never go away they can only be hidden away

    • But how do you handle your feelings for her? I think about my ex every day and I have really tried to move on but nothing seems to work for me

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    • I already do those things and yeah it does help a bit! I just do not know if it is enough. But thank you for your comment! :)

    • your welcome just give yourself time it's going to take time just do your best not to think about him

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  • You can try contacting him, but the fact that he hasn't messaged you just shows you he doesn't care, and it's pointless to go back now. Look forward, life is full of experiences waiting for you. :)

    • You are right :) but at this point I really do not know what to do. I have thought about him every day for the past year, and I just cannot let him go even though I have tried... I guess it is easier said than done

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  • If you have balls ( lol ) write to him. I've had the same situation... and today I regret that I haven't written to him. I never got the explanation too... that's why it hurts! the worst thing ever.
    YOLO. (You can't make the situation worse ;) )

    • Yes, you are right! But how would you start the message? I just want to make it as less awkward and weird as possible. I do not want to scare him away you know hahah :)

    • I'd go directly to be less awkward. don't start with ''hey, how r u? I know we haven't spoken for a long time etc''
      I know we broke up a long time ago but the feelings that I have for you haven't changed. I wish I knew what I/we did wrong to make it up for bc you mean a lot to me. -------------- then he will probably text you back---otherwise he's a jerk, a total jerk. you know what I mean.. :) Edit the text.. my eng is not that good i know. I hope it helps you!!

    • Thank you so much for your help - It definitely did help me! :) I am most of all a bit skeptical and scared of how his reaction might be. I just do not want to seem like I am depended of him and that I cannot live without him

  • you should tell him how you feel.

    • But how? How do I start the conversation/message I want to send him without sounding desperate?

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