Why are girls always so hung up on their exes?

Every time I meet a girl she's hung up over some abusive ex boyfriend or a guy that things didn't work out with and they always cheat or leave a guy just ebacuse they are "confused" and as soon as the ex appears the new guy is all of sudden not good enough?

every girl I meet Friend or girlfriend always seems to have this issue as if they have this retarded notion that they can only have one man and thats it the other are scrwed cause this guy is god gift to them.


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  • I'm not like that. Once something is done, it's done. and I eliminate them from my life. I don't remain friends with them, I don't keep in contact with them. It's not my thing. They will pop up out of no where and cause trouble and it's too much drama for my likings

    • thats usuually what they all say untill they actually see their ex... to be honest

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    • well it has happened to be but also to a lot of my friends

    • It's just something that happens unfortunately..

  • i dont care about them.


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