Is it okay to cry all the time , I always see the images in my head of him beating me?

I spent almost 2 years in an abusive relationship. We was not even together and I would still get beat by him for reasons i didn't know. this girl he was dating was using him and his family for a place of stay of convience until her mom went to rehab when she deployed. i knew her personally and didn't want any dealings with her. she had his family under mind control and they was doing what she wanted them to do to me such as go file false court documents without my knowledge. his mom worked for the state and for almost 2 years the girl set me up to get beat and later admitted to doing it. after his mom did everything she wanted her son and the police to do to me, she admitted it was her behind the house harassment calls. in return the girl was sending his brother to jail each time i was beat. she was dating another guy the entire time she was around my ex and i knew her whole plan including the guy. i even dropped my phone in the toilet to avoid this mess and people was still coming to my house stalking me, knocking on my door. for almost 2 years whatever you can think of that was crazy happened to me. i was in my own blood each day and i couldnt protect myself because they would have a warrant out for me. his mom thought it was funny that he was beating me. my apartment gained so much attention i left my apartment with everything in it. i couldnt file anything against him i was getting rejected. they took my phone from me and deleted the pictures out my phone with video evidence. people was even calling the police and they didn't take it serious. i just sit and cry because it just ended last year. i dont understand why a person is allowed to beat me as they please but im going to jail. he even kicked me in my head until i had seizures.
my friends was even getting harassment calls from my ex with that female on the side trying to make up a story and get my friend to make a statement about me. i just cry because those images of him beating me i feel like will never go away. he beat me for almost 2 years i couldnt do nothing but go to jail


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  • Wow, I'm so sorry you have gone through that and are still dealing with it. Of course it's ok to cry, but I do hope that you can find some positivity in the fact that you have overcome something that most women don't even live through. You should be proud of yourself for getting out of that and moving forward. I do think you should consider talking to someone about your experience, though, if you aren't already. It sounds traumatizing, and professional help can really play a big roll in moving on.


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  • Damn that sounds horrible. Honestly you sound like you need outside help. As in to help you deal with all this horrible shit they did to you. Honestly I would try what ever it took to take them bastards down.

    • I tried but without the evidence anymore I had nothing

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    • They stopped bothering me in January but that isn't enough I wanna know why it happened to me and why was it even allowed

    • Some people are just cruel and horrible. So they try to hurt people like that because they think it's fun and brings them great joy to see the person they are doing it to suffering. That's probably why they did it. Sadly the legal system has to many loop holes where people can get away with things.

  • yes you should talk to someone about it though...

    • i'd also suggest getting a restraining order.

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    • unless, you feel like you have another option.

    • he wants you to kill yourself...

  • its okay girl.

    • i just cry all the time i feel as though the images will never leave

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