Girls, what should I do with this girl?

So about 2 weeks ago I broke up with my girlfriend of over a year. We were fighting a lot towards the end and there were a lot of negative interactions.

A couple days went by and we talked. Eventually we meet up on Sunday. We had a good day and went back and slept together. The next day we hung out again and it seemed like she regret what happened. I have brought up making things right a few times at this point but she always shut down every conversation. I told her she had broke my heart.

The next day she text me sorry for hurting me. I had a long stressful day so i called her later and woke her up. She started to bitch about her sleep.

Yesterday she came around me again. We did some schoolwork (Im smart and she needs my help). I didn't really talk about getting together. I let her lead the conversation. She was saying being single was good because she has no obligations, but would hint where she went wrong in the relationship and things she needs to fix.

I tried to kiss her goodbye and she got halfway and pulled away. She said she isn't doing this today. I tried and she pulled away again laughing. She gave me a hug then snuck a kiss right on my cheek when she wasn't looking. I said ok im not gonna make you mad by continuing to try. She was amazed because before i would bitch and said wow You are learning.

She seems really confused. I've decided just to give her space for a little. I might hang out with her in a couple days. Im just gonna be myself... the happy guy she feel for... not the one that was upset and needy over the past month.

Do you think she still has feelings? Do I have a chance to get her back? Or should i just walk... I love her and we had a lot of fun and I just hope she remembers that.


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  • Giving her space is not hanging out in a couple of days. While she is making up her mind you are handing on to hope by seeing each other so frequently. (I didn't even see my Ex that oftern when I was still WITH them)

    I think the best thing to do is pull right back. Say things have been hard recently. Tell her you love her and she's knows you want to be with her and you will try to work things out. But this is hard at the moment. Tell her I love you and take as much time as you need, but in the meantime while you decide I am not exclusive to you and I want some space and will talk to you in a couple of weeks.

    She is still getting the attention she craves and feeling of being needed by you. It is not fair on you to be all in 100% when she is 50%. It feels terrible. And you are beeing treated like an option.

    Give her some space. Give yourslef some space. It is hard. and it is hard not to contact somebody.
    She may have feelings for you still, but beiiung so available at the drop of a hat to somebody who is sitting on the fence is making you an option rather than somebody absolutely wanted.

    Let her miss you and see what she is missing. And if she doesn't like this then perhaps it wasn't meant to be. If she decides that it's over completely you will have started 2 weeks of learning how to live with out her.

    Of course she remembers the fun otherwise why would she still be floating around half heartedly.

    Seriously though. Look after number one at the moment.

    • Yes i agree with you there. When i pulled back i actually had her starting to call me, wanting to come around again. When we hung out it was fun and a good time. She brought me back around the family.

      Then I started getting in my head. I started saying this is so good. I had to ask if she was talking to someone else and... right back on the defensive she went. She even told me... i wad really starting to question my descision but you are being too pushy. I said i was being immature... and some things came up again about the past.

      a lot of my friends are saying that im too good to her. she's shying away for that reason. Some girls dont feel like they deserve that... o well. Back to my own for now. The damn push-pull shit is getting out of control.

    • Yes but it doesn't need to be that way and it isn't with everyone. If it all works out this time around hopefully the two of you can grow through it. And be able to talk about things before they get to this point. If it goes like this again, consider moving on. My (ex) boyfriend has told me 5 times in the lat year he wasn't sure and didn't know what he wanting. Then a couple or few days later saying he just gets scared and he does want to be with me and thinks about what he would be losing and comes to his senses. It's such hard work and just when you feel comfortable to be yourself again and like you know where you stand it happens again. Not fun.

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  • I think the best thing to do is give her space and let her have a chance to think about things and let her miss you a little bit. I wouldn't call her or text her unless he does first. I also wouldn't hang out with her for at least a month. Let her know you need your space too and you will come back to it in a month.

  • so let me get this straight, you started telling a girl you want to get back together with her faults?

    • No. I admit my own. She talks about her own and brought them up. I just listened in that aspect and said no ones perfect.

    • if you want her just tell her games are annoying

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