How can I forget everything that happen between my ex boyfriend and I?

Yesterday I told my ex boyfriend that I don't wanted to be friends with him and he read it don't reply me so now I wanted to forget everything that happen to him and I, like his name, all the bad and good things he did to me, but the worst is that him and I are going to the same College in few weeks so I am worry that we maybe end up having classes together if so what should I do? And how can I forget everything about him?


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  • You can't forget everything about him, and you shouldn't. There are probably nice parts that you want to remember; after all, there are reasons why you initially got together. The bad parts. . . you want to learn your lessons from this experience, and you will think about what happened and reflect on it for a while and gradually decide what you did right and what you did wrong, and then you will be ready to move on.

    When you get to college, you can transfer into another section of the same class if you get scheduled into the same section. Usually, you can't do that after the first week of class, so act quickly if that is a problem.


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  • You can't. And the more you think about trying to forget about it, the more you are going to think about it. It sucks.
    What you do do, is learn what you can from it, and trust me there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the whole ordeal, and figure out how you are going to use the knowledge you obtained to push yourself further in life. Life is all about progress, and to successfully progress you must figure out how everything in your life moves you forward. Never dwell on staying the same as the past. Every day brings you something that changes you, you just need to figure out what that change is.
    As you progress, the feelings you want to run from right now, fade away and the memories become just components of your history.


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  • Drugs? Amnesia? Dementia? All joking aside, you could never make yourself forget what happened. Just try to keep that stuff in the past if you don't want to be bothered with it. A big part of life is letting things go so just try to keep whats important on your mind.

  • day by day.

    • Is it going to work?

    • really, it's your only option. you could also get some counseling and doing things with friends family... praying about will also help.

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  • You can't just wipe your memories clean. You need to start living for you now. Do all of the things you love to do, learn something new, and get ready to start college! You are about to go and make so many new memories, and you will meet so many new people. You may or may not run into your ex. but by the time you get into school and get your own schedule than you will be fine!


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