Guys pleasee read, do break ups hit guys later than they hit girls?

Me and my boyfriend broke up not too long ago and it doesn't see to phase him too much. But then sometimes he will text me out of the blue but not say much like the first text will say something sweet like he misses me or how we aren't broken up were just on a break. why do guys do this?


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  • Guys deal with it different than girls because. . . there's a difference between men and women! And not every guy deals with it the same. Some guys retreat into a cave and come out only to go to work. Some guys run out and find another woman right away. Some start drinking more. Some hang with their guy friends more. Some guys want to make a girl think that it doesn't phase them a bit.

    When my ex-wife and I separated, I spent a bunch of time trying to talk her out of it before I move out but, once I moved out, I never said another word to her about reconciliation. I started dating right away, but I was never in her face with it. I didn't date to make her jealous; I dated because I really thrive on the attention and affection that a good woman can provide to me.

    He doesn't want you thinking that you have some power over him, so he acts like Mr. Cool. But then he has moments of sadness and regret, so he reaches out and says kind things, hoping that you will show some kindness and some sign that gives him hope for reconciliation.


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  • It never hits me to be honest. I take less than a week, even just one day, to get over a break up. I, thankfully, have the ability to move on pretty fast.
    But in his case, he may be over that phase of "I'm free, I wanna do whatever I want!!" and entered the phase of "Dude... I need a hug from someone special; I miss cuddling...".
    It depends on the guy.

    • If you move on 'pretty fast', it isn't the real deal.

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    • Hey, I hope it isn't ever a one way relationship! I really loved the guy and supported him 100% while he cheated on me hahahaha.

    • @teebad Oh that sucks, I'm sorry that happened to you. I would never cheat on a girl, when I lose interest or feelings I just break up. I may not have more feelings for her, but I still don't wanna hurt her.

  • sure it hurts him dat u broke up... but he's sendin u those text coz he wants to get back to u i believe


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