My first break up!!

OK I am extremely confused! I don't know if we really broke up or he just can't move on. So my boyfriend and I broke up a week ago (I think). When we were breaking up HE was the one who said "We need to break up" (because we were having issues in our relationship). Then after a while I agreed and he said "It'd be the best thing for both of us." OK so when we were about to hang up (we were on the phone) He asked if we can still be friends and if I was still going to call him afterwards. So... It has been a week and he hasn't updated his MySpace status he still has "in a relationship" and he still has his default pic. as a pic. of us. It was clear at the time that we had broken up because he said it as well.

This is my first break and after it had happened I felt like he was still mine. We were together for a year and a half so I felt he was still my boyfriend. However, I knew that we had broken up. My first question is :Is this normal to feel like that after a break up? I don't know because I've never been through it.

Second, are we broken up? Or is it that he can't move on? (His MySpace status)


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  • Yes what you're feeling is normal, especially for your first breakup.

    Perhaps he just hasn't been back on MySpace yet? Maybe it's hard for him to update it? Even though he was the one that broke up with you it sounds like it wasn't exactly easy for him.

    • Actually he has been on MySpace, today. Yea I don't think it was easy for him as he asked if there was a possibility we can get back in the future.

    • Okay now you should be careful. If he broke up with you but said he may want to get back with you in the future what he is really saying is he wants to see what else he can get, but if nothing better comes along he wants to be able to come back and settle for you.

    • That actually makes sense! Especially with the problems we were having. Thanks:)

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  • You are broken up. You are single. Ignore what his MySpace says, that doesn't mean anything. Good luck!


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  • His MySpace status is not a priority to change right now. Be glad that he isn't quick time to play victim on the break up, like changing to single status the next day and posting a "break up" quote (have seen it, and lame!). So at least he isn't like "I'm single, come and get it ladies".


    He is out with ladies and isn't at home on the computer chatting and updating stuff.

    Does it really matter? Yes, it is a break up.

    Don't worry, either way, work with it. He may have been your first love, but he won't be your last(unless, your emotions make him stay your first and only. Remember if you can't let go, it will never truly end).

    Get out there and have some fun. Be that confident, strong woman that men find sexy. Once you do, you'll see, everything happens for a reason.

    You being hurt is normal. It will only last for as long as you let it.

    Good luck to you.


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