When to know you should move on? Is 2 weeks of no contact a long time to consider it as done?

I was in a 3 month relationship. He broke up with me 2 weeks ago. He hasn't messaged or called. Is it over? It was a long distance relationship. We live 5 hours away. Is there a way he will contact?

reason he gave me: he said it doesn't feel attracted anymore and he's not ready for a relationship.
he also said that I need to lose some weight last time he saw me which was a month ago. Since then I starved myself and lost a lot of weight.

So do I consider it as over and move on? Or will he contact me?


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  • Move on, stay strong! No communication. 3 months and break up already no brainer. Also find someone who accepts u the way u are but of course grow as a person. That's why I left my girlfriend of 4 year she tried to change me so much. Fuck that I stay working out, in shape find a partner that like to do the things I do and enjoys me as who I am.


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  • It's definitely over, and you should find someone new. He sounds like an asshole on top of the fact that he didn't contact you.

    If you're facebook friends or whatever, don't delete him as a friend (that would show his actions affected you). Meet new people, a new guy, look hot and like you're having a great time in your pictures (and actually do things to have a great time for real), and that's really the best revenge. Oh, and eventually he might contact you again (a lot of times guys do) - but this guy really sounds like a dick and doesn't deserve you.

    • i actually deleted him off fb but he's still on my instagram lol. i really doubt he cares. oh well whatever!

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  • Yup move on its over he found someone else so don't waste your heartaches and time for a person like that


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  • move on girl!


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