I need help with my boyfriend?

OK I've been going out with this guy for a few weeks and its been great until a few days ago... He's been acting like he doesn't want 2 talk 2 me and things like that. He won't text back. We used 2 talk on the phone for hours and now we hardly talk at all. What is going on? Help!


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  • this is a classic one

    guys always do this to girls, and girls always do this to guys it means your relationship is geting dull youv probley talked so much that there nothing really to talk about anymore and he's loosing intrest. Every ones whos dated can say they probley been through this. best thing to do is not talk to him for a while. give him a break. don't make up a lie just to get him to talk to you again trust me it will end in a disaster. he might just need time and if he's serious about you he'll come around so don't give up just yet and if yall break up then its not your fault he's just ptobley lost intrest that or mybe his fone is messed up you never know

    maybe he's busy and doesn't have a lot of free time right now. back off for a while and see how things go. don't get mad or stressed and if he doesn't talk to you with in the week have some one contact him and tell him that yall need a break and should see other people.

    • Thanks for the answers. but he dumped me turned out he was cheating on me. oh well.

  • the same thing happened to me.

    dont get paranoid and stay calm. many things could be going on.

    but always think the best about everything.

    if he has a job, he could be busy. he could be busy at home also.

    if you want reassurance then talk to him about it.

    and if he still doesn't give you an answer and act like he cares then you can find someone else who isn't immature about this.

    its only been a few weeks you said so either talk to him about it or get out of it before you like him even more.


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