Anyone got some insight on breakups?

I've had a pretty bad break up. It's been on and off with him since 2013


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  • You're 13 all you have to do is play jump rope and you'll soon forget


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  • I'm sorry people have been quite abrupt and cold with their answers. Regardless of your age the loss of the closeness of someone in your life is painful. If it were just a close friend who suddenly isn't anymore can be similar. For now let your self be sad for a while. Talk to someone you trust about how you feel. Get it in a jurnal. Cry. Eat ice cream. Rest, eat and sleep well. Make an effort to spend time with people who make you smile. Try not to talk about your sadness too much after a couple weeks. Try to have fun with your friends and hobbies. Put away out of sight anything that will remind you. If you are in the same school try to avoid his hangouts. If you see hi!, smile and walk by. Don't talk with him right away. Take space. Know and tell your self it will be OK and its OK to be sad.

    When you are healed just focus on being a teenager and having fun. Relationships are well overated in teen years. Hormones are all over the place. Focus on building good friendships instead. You are too young to be thinking about serious relationships and learning heartbreak. You will most likely have heartbreak again more than once in your life. Don't let that be in your last years before adukthood.

    • thanks. He texted me a few time. So I wrote "what?" He said "just wanted to say hi" I replied " hmm. Umm. Why?" He's my first crush. We have the same friends. Same everything! I can't forget about him. Believe me, I've tried. Help?

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    • Do you have kik? It's easier to talk on there.

    • Sorry I don't and I wouldn't have random people on there anyway :)

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  • Hang on u have a long life ahead...
    U r just 13.
    2yrs on and off @11 what do u understand of a relation?
    At least turn 16/17 then think about relations...
    Enjoy ur life right now don't get urself messed up in relations
    Grow right now enjoy ur schooling...
    Have crush's check out guys go out with ur girlies u have so much too do.
    When u in a relationship u commit urself for ur life.
    Once u have seen the world u will know what is right what is wrong
    Otherwise what may seem right at this age could end up jacking ur happiness later...


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