Will I see her when she comes home?

My long-distance girl-friend and I went on a break/pause two months ago. A couple weeks ago I got upset after she pretty much refused to talk to me about us. I sent her a somewhat angry email that basically read as 'wtf?'

She responded, quickly and with more than a hint of 'bitch' by saying that I was being possessive and controlling whenever I mentioned us and that's the reason why she 'broke it off with me.' She said that I was being intense and that I was suffocating her. She also said that I talked about 'us' as if it was still there.

At least to my knowledge, she never broke it off with me. I approached her about the break because it was getting difficult for both of us. I never asked her about other guys there, part of the break stipulations and never tried to control her. Hell, when we were together in the same place this summer I never even gave a sh*t if she hung out with her friends over me, I was just happy to see her when I got the chance. When we met we moved along quick, both of us, because we both realized that we liked each other a lot and that we wouldn't have a long time before she left. So, yes, I was 'intense' as far as moving along quickly but she was right there with me. Her feelings started getting confused a month or so into her being gone which prompted me to start the break.

So, she's been gone for almost four months and comes home on Christmas Eve. She's been overseas and it will be the first time she's seen her parents or best friends in that whole time. She'll basically be returning to her real world (she's been studying abroad and it has turned into an obsession for her). I haven't tried to speak to her since the emails and the only thing I got from her since then was a 'Happy Thanksgiving' on Facebook.

Will I see her when she gets back? What do you think will happen? When she left she was crazy about me, though she's tried to deny it since, I was there and I know. Her last text me on the plane was "Planes taking off, love you handsome bye" and the first she'll get when she lands is "love you too."

Any idea as to what happens for me in the future?

Also, I want to point out that I never did anything to hurt her or make her respond to me the way she did. At least not knowingly. I couldn't put her behind me in any way after the break and it popped up in a conversations but most were just friendly.


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  • Yes, of course


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