My ex broke up with me, said he didn't feel the same way anymore, Why did he cry then?

Why did my ex cry a month ago if he really didn't honestly care about me, or feel the same way anymore?


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  • He may still have cared about you and that is why he cried. But you have to take into account that just because you care for someone doesn't mean you have to be with them. When a man cries it is because he really cares or he is putting on a show to keep a women, aka trying to run game. Pay attention to his actions. If he cares you will know but the real question is how much does he care?

  • did he break up with you on the phone or in person?

    • He broke up with me on the phone. We were doing long distance. We dated for a little more than 2 years. He was supposed to come visit me in 2 days, and canceled, but we had been arguing the week before so.

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    • No, move on. by calling him, you'll be left with more questions possibly.

    • Ok, so I didn't read your post before.... I called, It was second call since the break up. I called him accidentally the first time, I got a new touch screen phone.

      So I called him and his phone number said " this phone number is currently not a working number".

      So I'm guessing he got his number changed?? Because that is crazy. Over the span of 1.5 months, I've sent 1 text message, and made 2 phone calls. I'm guessing he either 1 changed his number, or 2 blocked my call.

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