Can it take months sometimes for an ex to want you back? we were together nine years and its been a few months since he stopped talking to me?

When I talk to him he sounds cool but when I mention getting back together he says I'm bull shitting and I haven't changed I miss him so much and I never really did anything but nag and we would get into arguments but nine years and it seem like he has forgotten me I ask him did he have someone he said he just wants to be single and I'm just almost done trying to reach out to him I feel like if he wanted me he would want to start over but he keeps saying he don't want a relationship anymore, does this just mean he has someone and doesn't want to tell me cause usually it takes us a few weeks to get it right or a few days but this time he has not been around me for a few months, should I give up and j know I sound stupid for asking this but do we have any hope that he may realize one day that he does want to get back together?


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  • I'm a nagger as well with regards to relationships and as I observed from my ex, he loves me a lot but he gets so sick and tired with my attitude that's why he chose to leave even though we still love each other. he might really don't have anyone beside him right now coz nine years is a long time and it will take a long time as well to move on. and I guess he gave you so many chances to manage your behavior.

    • Sp what do u think its been a few months, when I meet up with him next week for him to give me the money for our child i should just not bring it up? Cause when I bring up the relationship he doesn't want it but when I talked to him on the phone he was ok with us talking but I guess he changes his mind over night I have tried everything, my heart hurts more everyday, I think he is done for good but a lot of people say they got back with their ex after months

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  • Sorry but with the attitude of pulling off a band aid quickly, he's not interested. I'm sure you're not an awful person, he's not interested in getting back together but the world is bigger than him, move on and find someone who appreciated you (I've done 6-7 yr breakups, they suck, but they suck more if you prolong the pain)

  • he mag just needs space fore right now. He probabmy just wanna stay single for a while Anf doesn't have another girl. Being in a relationship for 9 years then getting out you need to re-find your self to know who you are after being with a person that long. just be his friend and dont mention getting back together. You also just got out of a 9 year relationship you need to figure out who you are too. I hope this helps

    • That helped a lot girl and thanks, I have been trying dont want to call or text anymore cause I afraid he may just keep rejecting me he smiles and crack a few jokes whenever I do meet him ro get our kids child support but he just doesn't want me right now i guess and your right maybe he is just doing him, should I just leave it like it is and not text or call for a while? Or should I try to be his friend? Either way I dont want to keep contacting him first but he won't really text or call me at all so I dont even know where to start with being his friend

    • If it were me i would let him know that i still want to be friends. Then let him make the next move. Surround yourself with family and friends dont let him know your sad try to just do your own thing. But let him know your there for hin if he needs a friend.

    • He called me today and for some reason I feel he kind of misses me he sounded like he did he ask me how is everything going with me and the babies, was it bad if I sounded happy? I was happy before he called but he did say he got some things for his kids I told him that was sweet of him he wanted to give it to me today but I told him meet me Monday was that ok?

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