Is this coming to an end? Advice? :( ?

I've been seeing a boy for a month, we see each other 2-3 times a week and always get on sooooo well as if we have been together for years.

We had an argument this week and since then he hasn't been the same telling me that because its so early on with us he doesn't know whether this would work out.

He keeps saying he doesn't know, but is still talking to me, so surely if he wanted to call it off he would have instead of saying 'i dont know what to do'?

I keep asking him what he wants becasue I have fallen in love with him and I am going out of my mind and I am trying to stay positive by thinking if he wanted to end it he would have already.
I am really trying to persuade him to stay with me.

What do you all think? WIll he leave me or not?


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  • I don't persuade people to be with me. I would tell him to make up his mind so your just not flying in the wind. You shouldn't be having these type of problems so early in the relationship.


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  • ... Since then he hasn't been the same...
    With you both getting real cozy and comfy so sooooo soon here, dear, when you suddenly locked horns, he seemed to Then... Have a change of heart and may have also realized just then Maybe we should call this off.
    This fighting match may have woke him up and he grew cold duck feet that This was going too fast, that maybe he isn't ready for a Real Relationship right now.
    This could be his lame duck excuse for 'Keeps saying he doesn't know' because it looks like you are these two birds of a feather and he 'Doesn't know'... If he wants to stick together or not.
    Leave him be for now here, dear, give him some space. As crazy as you are for him, pushing him will just make him fly further away. Let him think it over sand if he cares enough about you, he will either Compromise with Something, come back with his tail between his legs and want to Continue... Or go south because he wants to be left alone in the pond.
    He could be thinking you may get tired and 'End it,' or perhaps he may want friends now and doesn't know how to tell you. Or may come around with Something he Wants to tell you.
    If he continues to hymn and haw, try and sit him down and have open lines of convo with him. If you both don't have This from the start, then anything after will just go dead in the water.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You call the shots say if you feel that way don't talk to me at all and ignore him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If he likes you that much he will want more if he don't and stops talking he wasn't worth it in the first place?


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