Should he feel bad?

My friend likes this guy last year. He ended it with her because of her depression. She had panic attacks because she had low self esteem. I ended up dating the guy after. My friend flipped out and sent my boyfriend and I many messages. She was a bitch. It's a year later and she sent him a message saying she was sorry. That she had low self esteem and didn't mean to hurt anyone. She said she felt betrayed because she saw me as a sister and that I had ignored her. She told him that she hated herself and she obsessed over things that hurt her. My boyfriend has become very reserved lately and said he felt bad. I'm kind of pissed. What do you guys think?
Having depression doesn't allow her to insult others. She told me either I could be her friend or date him. A real friend wouldn't expect me to choose. She is Jekyll and Hyde and you guys would have ignored her if she hurt you too.
Don't you guys see how she is just trying to ruin my relationship?


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  • You're a fucking horrible friend, plain and simple. You don't date your friend's ex, there's so many people out there that you can give them the respect of finding someone else. You don't fuck your friend's ex, there's reason why a lot of friendships stop because of girls. Girls you have it way easier finding someone than a guy, so for you to do that to a friend is even worse than a guy doing it.

    You're lucky she even considers you a friend. The guy realizes where he fucked up and that's why he's feeling guilty. You? You are a selfish person because you're pissed about HOW THIS AFFECTS YOU ONLY.

    • Him and I were friends first. I had known him for a year. She had been my friend of 14 years. She was hard to deal with. My boyfriend and I were going through hell too and we connected. We can't help who we fall for. She would send him msgs telling him I was a mess. She tried to ruin us. I don't consider her a friend.

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    • There's nothing to respond to, you found another person who agrees with you. Good for you but it still doesn't change my opinion or the facts.

    • You clearly have never been in love.

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  • Lol you bitch. :D World would be a better place without people like you and your "perfect" boyfriend. Looking forward to seeing you here writing about how your "soulmate" dumped you for someone else! :*

    • We have been together for a year. It's going to last

    • I totally agree with this, I'm just sad I can only like this once @little_bird1

    • We are going to last. I'm not the horrible friend she was.

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  • Well kind of because I wouldn't like my bestfriend to scoop up my ex and not talk to me about it even if she's no longer mines


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