Me and my boyfriend relationship is too toxic to continue, how can I end things with him? ANY advice will help?

We've been together for 7 years and have kids together, but our relationship is just too toxic. We're CONSTANTLY arguing over EVERYTHING. Both of us have a short temper so we're always yelling at each other, we can't see eye to eye on NOTHING. And I'm just SICK AND TIRED of the arguing and constant roller coaster of emotions. One minute we can't stand each other and is at each other's throat and the next minute we love each other so much, gonna try to work it out and will never leave each other. It's literally like this EVERYDAY now. We're struggling right now because he's hurt and can't work, so I'm the only one making money. But it has been like this since before he got hurt. Yesterday we didn't even sleep in the same bed togther. Even our kids see it now, they always say "you guys are always arguing" and that really hurts me. How can I end this? We live together and neither of us have the luxury to just move out of the house on our own. But I can't do this anymore, I'm not happy and I just want to be happy.


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  • Talk to him one on one when no one is around and go from there explain how you feel about everything now it's the time to communicate without arguing otherwise it will just continue onto a long unhealthy relationship happiness is the key in a relationship no one shouldn't live unhappy due to small arguments and all maybe seeking relationship counseling can help remember to build a strong relationship both partners need to work things out in a mature manner rather getting at each other's throat over something unnecessary kids are involved so both need to realize it to do it for the kids now rather being selfish and letting arguments take over your lives just talk to him in a kind way and maybe that will kick up some senses for him to be calm and not try to argue with you


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  • If you want to end it then you have to be honest. There's no point suffering and stringing him along. But you said you love each other. If you want to make it work. You need to talk about things that's going wrong, remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place. Do you ever take time out for yourselves? Such as date night once a week or 2 weeks since the kids came along? Is it a relationship or is it just 2 people living together looking after the kids? Only you know what you want and can make that decision but which ever you decide I wish you the best of luck

    • No. We never go on dates or anything :(

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  • its certainly not fair on the kids and you need to get out of the house even if its temporary. do you have any family you and the kids could move in with for a week or 2?


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  • As a child of parents who stayed together because they couldn't afford to separate... this sucks. Your kids will suffer. If you want out do it but put your kids first. If you can't work out how see someone and get some ideas for accommodation and how to accomplish it safely if you both have tempers. Make your kids lives a safe and happy one.

  • Have u tried to just give in to him sometimes when an argument starts and walk away so it will not get bad and u can just focus on the good of your relationship also what seems to be the main things y'all fight about u have to look at that or them things important or just petty and leaving him will have a negative impact on your children

    • I have to be honest neither of us ever gives in. We're both too stubborn & both want to be right. He makee smart comments to me & I do the same. How can I do better at giving in more? Any examples would be helpful :(

    • No do not do that!! That will just make things worse. Men are like children once they know they can get away with things they'll keep doing it and see how far they can push your its not about giving in , its about compromise or discovering what is going so wrong in your relationship that you constantly argue. Its like if there's a bad smell in your kitchen you find the problem and remove it you wouldn't just leave it and cover it with air freshener

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