How to get over a guy you really really like?

Me and this guy dated for a while then one day he kept saying how he wanted to do sexual stuff and I didn't want to so I told him that but he kept trying to convince me to do it, saying do it for me, it's part of a relationship.. etc and he gets mad when I don't do the things he wants me to. So today we hung out and it went normal we had a good convo and stuff but then we went to the park and we made out for a bit but then he asked me to give him a bj and I said I didn't want to but he kept begging me to give him one and I said I don't want to, he even tiried making me go on the floor by pushing me down to give him one after I said I clearly didn't want to. Then he got mad and he's like "ok fi
How to get over a guy you really really like?

ne but at least let me see your body" so he tried taking of my clothes even though I told him in didn't want to, then he finally said ok let's go. So we left, the whole way back we weren't talking to each other since he was mad at me, he just walked in front of me and put his earphones on to listen to music and just kept walking like he didn't even know me. Then I just left him without even saying bye and hopped on the bus and went home. He didn't text me since, but he did block my number and he also blocked me on social networking sites. I know he's not a good guy but for some reason I can't get over him, I really did like him and now I just feel really sad. for some reason I also can't stop thinking about him which makes me even sadder and I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like it's my fault or something. I just feel down, sad and mad and I feel like I would take him back if he just apologized because I still have feelings for him which sucks because he clearly does not like me at all. Do you think I should try to get back with him if not why? And also how do I get over him quickly? I even found his Fb name today and messaged him asking to talk to him about it but the message says seen and he didn't reply back so he obviously doesn't wanna talk to me ):


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  • Damn... I wish I had the perfect answer for this.

    I have like 10 crushes in one year, so yeah, I find hard to get over someone if there is no one who helps me with that.. I need someone else to get over somebody.
    I wish I could do something else, but I just can't, I need to distract myself and keep trying with the next, that way I can forget the other.

    This is like the shittiest advice, I know, but this kinda helps me, in less than a month, I'm thinking about someone else.

    I think the best is to get a goal, distract yourself and achieve it. Spend time with yourself, love you more than anything else, get to know you better... Be selfish, to get over someone is necessary to think about yourself before anyone else.


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