How to get over her? I don't know what to do?

We haven't talked in weeks... we used to text each other everyday and we'd occasnionally call each other. It took me awhile to actually talk to her but when I did, we became very close. I loved her... I don't know if I still do. I don't want to give any irrelevant details but I thought she had liked me at one point but I never said anything because she was in a relationship. I don't know if she is now but I dont think she is... I just miss her. She won't respond to my texts but she looks on my social media pages. We used to be close, tell each other our problems, flirt sometimes, etc. I hate sleeping because I dream about her.. I just hate that I still think about her when I feel like she hates me and I don't know why and it's worse because there's a guy that likes me but I'm scared that I'll hurt him because of my feelings for her.


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  • It sounds like she was unisatisfied in the relationship that she was in and found someone (you) to keep her occupied while she was un happy. It sounds like things got better in her relationship and so she stopped talking to you. If you have feelings for this new guy, I would persu it. I wouldn't count on this girl to leave her relationship to be with you. I would move on

  • try to distract yourself.


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