Should a girl go back to one of her ex if she finds her husband less attractive or is more decent... or live with him anyways? leave?

Should she care about herself or think about her husband?
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  • that's really immature to think this way

    • Means?

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    • you're welcomed

    • thanks for MH

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  • Well, If the Ex is hotter AND nicer, i would imagine she would?

    Thats like saying you use to drive a ferrari, now you drive a piece of shit 1999' ford escort, would you go back to the ferrari? Ofcourse...

    • Well said... relationship n love is cheaper then cars now a days... isn't it?

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    • Eh, I don't know dude, I'm afraid thats a question i'll never be able to give you the answer to :/.

    • No problem Sir... I will try find my way... thnk u

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