She dumped me for someone else - We have a 13 month old daughter together?

my EX dumped me for another guy, moved him in, got engaged/or is getting engaged, this dude asked her dad if he could marry her, they are going to Thailand together in September, it has all destroyed me to be honest, I have never gone through anything so painful and soul destroying in my life, however we have a 13 month old little girl together that sadly I am not seeing very much at the moment, this destroys me even further, especially knowing this new dude of my ex's picks her up from nursery every day, they all go back to her house and have tea together, whilst I have been, cheated on, dumped, replaced, banned from her house, cut off, cut out, removed from Facebook ( mutual friends tell me of pictures and videos of my daughter been posted and I don't even get to see them ) I am sure you can all understand how devastated I feel.

The thing is, my Ex clearly wants me in her life still, she has insisted that I must message her every day to ask how our daughter is, I have been for the last three days been doing this, she asked this because I never messaged her for 5 days and she got really angry at me and put my daughter in nursery instead of me having her, not sure if it was punishment or as she said I need to know that she is taken care of when I am at work, either way she never canceled when I explained why I never messaged her, she was so angry at me that day, calling me not very nice things, I asked her could you not ring up and cancel her being at the nursery and I will have her, then she started screaming at me at the top of her voice, I WILL PUT HER IN NURSERY WHEN I WANT TO PUT HER IN ( NOW EVEN LOUDER ) NOT WHEN YOU FU**ING WANT, NOW FU**K OFF, then she slammed the phone down, I rung her back 5 mins later and she was calm and fine again.

What she clearly wants is for us to be friends ( her terms ) be in contact every day, she has told me that she loves me to bits and always will
on the few occasions we have hung out she has been so


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  • Don't do that. Besides you child, there should be no contact with her


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