What to do when accused of cheating?

Me and my boyfriend got in a big argument and he left. My uncle came to ask me for my brother a few hours later. I put my number in my uncles phone so he wouldn't have to come to my house. My uncle didn't enter the house and only was there for 5 minutes. I didn't text my boyfriend in two days to give him some space to calm down. When I did text him, he accused me of cheating, he's exact words were "go have your grown man and leave me alone". I asked what was he talking about and he couldn't tell me. Since, he never brought that up before so I'm assuming after our argument, he came back, and he saw my uncle. I never knew he was jealous, he could've at least asked me who that was instead of assuming I was with that guy that is obviously way to old for me (my uncle is 50).


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  • Your boyfriend sounds really insecure. Or he's just spouting bullshit to put you on the defensive. Either way, it doesn't turn out for you. He's either really insecure or he likes playing games to remain in control.

    I recommend breaking up with him and moving on because people like that don't change unless they're forced to. And you won't be able to force him to.

    • My friends have been saying this too. I guess its best to move on.

    • He could be insecure. But it is not the only option. Clearly he is convinced you cheated. Sometimes situations can seem to appear what they are not. Think about someone who has been 'set up/framed'.

      Try to talk clear things up, perhaps -if he doesn't answer- tell him what the situation really was. And that you really didn't cheat.

      That is all you can do, the rest is up to him.

      People that advise you to breakup because 'he is insecure' haven't thought it through enough in my opinion.

    • He didn't think I was cheating, he was cheating on me. He found a girl a day before we broke up and I guess he wanted to make me feel like the bad guy to justify him dumping me for her. He wasn't insecure neither was he playing games. He was a liar and a cheater.

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